Monday, February 10, 2014

A Sweet Valentine's Party

Gooooood Monday Morning to you . . . . .

I hope you each had a lovely weekend!

Ours began on a rather sweet note.

The girls and I had another crafty Valentine's party- I think this is becoming an annual gig.

The first step of course was to make our home 'heartily' festive.

And it involved a fair amount of sweets of course.

Then we had to prep the crafts
which involved the cutting out of about a bazillion hearts.

Then our cute guests arrived
and the crafting and sugar consumption began!

 Even the 'littles' did a great job creating . . . for about 10 minutes.

On the agenda was lots of Valentine cards and a few fun crafts.

They made sweet bookmarks simply by gluing blinged out hearts on paper clips.

We did a simple stitch craft and made a festive banner

Then we used some florist wire and created a fluttery heart wreath

It was such a fun day!
My girls have the sweetest friends 
and I dearly love each of their mommas.
Each friend brought something to contribute to the lunch which made the prep much easier for me.
After showing the lil' crafters all the possibilities, 
the mommas filled our coffee mugs and relaxed in the living room.
It was just what I needed . . . adult conversation.

Even though we homeschool, I want to make sure my girls still have special memories of 'class parties.'

Admittedly,  it was kind of a crazy week for me to pull this off, 
but the heart felt 'thank yous' from my daughters was such a blessing and made the late night of heart cutting more than worth it.

Oh my girls, they have my whole heart!

I hope you have a lovely start to your week!

Do you have any festive plans for lovey dovey Valentine's Day?


  1. Hello Amy, wow it's looking very "heart" felt around here. Just popping in to say hi and see what your lovely family has been up too. Looks like lots of fun!!! We've had a lot of snow down here in P-burg, it's gorgeous and so needed, looks like you guys are being blessed with it too!!!

  2. Such a fun all the crafts. The girls and I made some cute mason jar crafts today like the ones in your first picture.

    I love Valentine's Day! The night before I like to decorate the table a with lots of pink and red goodie. The day always involves a lot of yummy sweets. :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday my friend!