Monday, January 20, 2014

Tap Tap Tap . . Ahem . . Is This Thing On?


Is anyone still here?

Oh I hope so!

Sorry about the unannounced break.
I guess I just needed to take a lil' break from this space of mine.
 Knowing that the last time I wrote was a Christmas craft almost gives me hives.
It feels as though I still have my Christmas tree up.

So this post is to take down that tree and just say hello.

Things are going well in our neck of the woods.
We're simply enjoying life.

I have yet to officially write down my hopes and goals for 2014,
 but I could sum them all up with-

~Doing more of what brings me joy~

The little things.
The things I've been putting off.
The hobbies I let get dusty in the corner of the closet.
Maybe taking a small step towards lil' dreams.
I desire to grow closer to God.
I'm hoping to grow stronger in my faith.
Oh how I want my light to shine bright for Him

I'm going to be a bit more intentional with my friends.
Have more people over for dinner- regardless of the dust bunnies and fingerprints on the walls.
I'm going to be better at connecting with those I love who live too far away.

And most of all, I'm going to EMBRACE the time with my sweet family.
I'm going to spend more quality time with my girls, date my husband, allow myself to just stop the housework for snuggles. . .

So hello dear friend who is still reading this lil' space of mine.
I hope to write more and share my journey of doing more of the things that bring me joy.


  1. i'm still heeeeerree!
    hugs to you sweetie!
    praying that you have a wonderful week. :)
    here's to JOY!


  2. Yay a new post! Love the first picture of your sweet family.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Me again...last year my word for the year was JOY....such a great word!

  4. Hello? Hello? Are you there? I hear you loud and clear, girlie-girl! I have missed seeing sweet photos of your family although I am one of the luckiest (or blessed) girls in the world to see you on a regular basis! xoxxo