Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 on 10: October

I'm joining in on the fun over at a bit of sunshine
10 pictures in 10 hours 
embracing the beauty in the ordinary

 My quiet time was sweetly interrupted 
for some snuggles and back scratches.

 Some breakfast baking

Sweet practice

 School's in session

 Sounding out words

 Colorful creations
(guess we didn't get around to combing the hair)

Sisters working together
(mommas heart happy)

 Delicious surprise from the principal

 Mid-day mayhem 

End of day sillies

I didn't realize almost all my pics were in the classroom.
And yes, it sure felt like we were in there all day.
But even so, it was a beautiful day.
I am so thankful God has brought us to this homeschooling journey.
I absolutely love hanging with my girls all day.

Hope you're able to see the beauty in your ordinary moments today!

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  1. i'm so glad I get to call you "friend." you are such a great mama. your girls will never forget their days of school and muffins and cuddling. love you, girl!

  2. What a fun looking school day- love the look of your breakfast baking & sweet shot of your girls working together.

  3. It looks like a fun day in your schoolroom!

  4. What a wonderful, fun day! I love these 10 on 10 post of yours. I never remember to do them. I haven't emailed you back yet. Sorry about that! But if "it's the though that counts" applies here, I think about how I need to do that every day. Ha! Ok- this teacher needs to get her kids breakfast and get the day going!

  5. this day looks absolutely perfect. :) especially the cuddling and muffins part! :
    oh! and what a sweet, sweet principal!
    you are just a treasure, ms amy!
    love ya. xoxo

  6. I LOVE to peek into your day, Amy! You are excellent at what you do! Keep up the great work with those cutie-patooties! xoxxo

  7. Looks like a beautiful peaceful day...I am sure it can get crazy sometimes though....hats off to you for your homeschooling braveness. xxx

  8. What fun to share in your day! Looks like an eager group of girls for sure and that's likely because their Momma makes learning a whole lot of fun. Happy new week!