Friday, September 6, 2013

My 2013-14 Class

We're off and running!
The school year has officially begun.
So far so good.

Here are some pics of my class this year:

 Kaitlyn ~ 4th Grade

 Clara ~ 3rd Grade

 Addyson ~ 1st Grade

 Maggie ~ Preschool

Oh these girls.
They bless me so!

 This last picture is my favorite.

As challenging as it is,
I am so thankful God led our family to homeschool.
Yes it has it's challenges, but the blessings far out-weigh the struggles.
Hope you have a delightful weekend!


  1. What a cute class you have! I wish y'all a very happy school year. We are starting a week later than I planned but it has been a good reminder that God is in control. ha! Quick question...what do you use for math? Have you found anything that doesn't have a copyright attached? Have a wonderful 1st week of school!

  2. Well don't you have a bunch of cute little girls in your classroom this year. ;)