Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Happenings

How about a little random post about 
all the little tid-bits of happy going on around here?

We have 3 more weeks of school.

We're finishing strong . . . or at least trying to.

We are almost finished with all the extracurricular activities.
Last week the girls finished up their classes at Heritage and had a concert and art show.
 They had their piano recital yesterday.

And Tuesday is their last cross-country race.

 We love all these fun activities, 
but I'm also thankful for a little more time.

Here's another quick thank you gift idea: 
flower seeds and coffee gift card

We've been drinking LOTS of lattes around here.

Because my hubbie wonderfully spoiled me for Mother's Day!
I have been wanting this bad boy for a LONG time.
Anyone want to come over for a mocha?

I've been doen' a little junkin' in my spare time.

My most favorite recent score
is a french bottle drying rack!!
I have been wanting one of these forever too!
I found it at my favorite shop (who just got a new web site- you should check it out).

My hubbie had to do a little modifying
and now it fits just perfectly under the cabinet.

A few of my other fun finds

The set of suitcases went into the shop right away- or else I knew they would find a home in my already full home.
The botanical print is still lingering . . . 
I don't have a spot for it  . . . yet . . .

Well I think I 've caught you up on the latest little happenings around here.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!



  1. Fun! Love a good latte! And the drying rack is very cool!

  2. I'm in the car on my way for a latte! What a fun gift!
    I love the sweet little seed/coffee gift idea. So perfect. And that coffee cup holder is so cool.
    Enjoy the last 3 weeks of school! (We finished Friday but I have a couple "summer school" ideas to start doing once I feel better.) The learning never stops does it?!

  3. a mocha with you on your front porch in the morning sun, sound like fun!

  4. Oooh, so envious of your coffee machine!

  5. Ahhhhhh, would love a latte! What a fun machine and what a lovely gift!

    The girls are just so cute and I love your "finds."

    Sweet blessings for this week!

  6. i'm seriously jealous right now. my super great $49 starbucks sirena espresso machine is leaking water from the's only a matter of time until it dies all together. i love your breville.....but, my mouth just about dropped (actually it did a little) when i saw your cup holder. i really wish i could come enjoy it in person. so awesome!!!! what a great hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love husband has a fun coffee maker like your beautiful one and me makes me lattes most mornings. I love your coffee sign and my need to look for one like it.

    I really like your teacher gift. I had thought about getting the kids teachers Starbucks gift cards and had thought to put it in a mug but I like the seeds idea.

    Love your new finds. I did some fun shopping this weekend as well.

  8. Oh, that sooooo does not look right in your kitchen! It's just does not have that "vintage" look to it. Soooo, if you need me to hold on to it for you at any time, you just say the word, girlfriend! Your girls are always! Squeeze them for me! Loves,

  9. piano AND cross country! i want my kids to be just like yours!! : ) can't wait til their old enough... soon!

  10. DYING over that bottle rack! and the amazing print! SWOON!
    we sure could have some fun together, you know???
    mochas and junking with amy??? YES, PLEASE!