Friday, May 10, 2013

10 On 10: May

Happy Friday!

And it's the 10th!
So I'm joining in on the fun over at A Bit Of Sunshine .

10 pictures in 10 hours
embracing the beauty in the ordinary

My day was very much ordinary yesterday,
so it was fun to look for the hidden beauty.

Here we go!

6 am
 Starting my morning with the necessities
(LARGE cup of coffee not pictured)

 Kids are still snoozin'.
I very briefly thought about putting on some jogging sneakers,
but quickly decided to go with my garden boots.
I had some delphiniums who needed a new home.

8 am
 Kids awake, pancake time.

9 am
 School's in session

10 am
 Spelling test while baking cookies

1 pm
 The weather was TOO beautiful to be inside.
History on the front porch!

2 pm
 School's out!
Pricing some new goodies to bring into Station 8.

3 pm
 Chore Time
Girls needed an incentive to FOCUS.

4 pm
Packaging up some fun new banners.

5 pm
The house is a disaster.
But I found a sweet bouquet picked with sweet hands 
greeting me on the windowsill. 

It was a great day indeed!
We finished it off by going to the girls choir concert and art show
and had a frozen yogurt treat.

Sweet indeed!

Hope you get a chance to look for the beauty in your ordinary day!

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  1. Looks like a good day to me. :)

  2. Looks like a happy fun filled day to me. I love your timer!! And your new banners are so cute. Don't you just love hand picked flowers from the kids.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like a great day to me, too! Love peeking into your day with these 10 on 10's.

  4. Stopping by from Ten on Ten. Your girls are beautiful -- looks like a great day!

  5. Now those banners are fun! History on the porch with those sweet cuties?? Love! One of these months I'm going to remember 10 on 10 before the 10th. :)

  6. Lovely set. I wish my spelling tests also involved cookie baking!

  7. you are so creative!
    those banners and the sweet garden markers?

  8. oh wow, i LOVE that last photo... the curtains, the succulent and the coffee it all. also i love the silverware and your packaging... now i need to check out your shop. happy weekend!!

  9. Super cute, Amy! Jesus Calling is how I start my day too! Best. Book. Ever. Have you checked out the Jesus Calling for Kids? I am going to use that next year to start our school day! xo

  10. Oh what a lovely post. Making my heart sing Amy! Colette