Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise Alicia! We Love You!

Welcome to your bloggy baby shower my sweet friend!

I know us gals would have LOVED to all be together with you
(oh what a hoot that would be!)
but this is the next best thing!

Thank you Becky for getting this all organized!

There are a few bonuses to an online baby shower:
  1. No one will make you down juice from a baby bottle or guess what kind of candy bar is melted in a diaper.
  2. There isn't any pressure of being the center of attention while everyone is looking at you open gifts .
  3. You can be in your jammies while you party.
  4. And for me, after a week of a very sick household, I didn't have to cancel!   I wanted to do so much more for your special surprise, but due to the sickies, Pinterest helped me out.

Oh how I would love to reeeeeally throw you a baby shower 
 but with an online shin dig, we can really dream big.
So sweet friend, come dream with me . . . .

Since we are both big fans of Downton Abby, I thought we'd have a tea party.

In our dream world, the weather would be sunny, warm, and perfect, so we would be able to wear our sundresses and white gloves.
I think I'll wear something like this

And I thought we could go get our hair done


Or maybe not.

Ok, now that we're wearing the proper attire, let's head out to the garden.

Of course we would need an area for our girls, so I would just whip up this little space for them.

I did actually make one of the decorations.
I know if 'Granny' was at our lil' tea party she would have brought some of her prize winning flowers.

It's still frozen in our  neck of the woods, so I made a few peony's out of coffee filters.

We would have delicious dainty food of course, just like ladies.

But since I know you and I both like to eat real food and not just cucumber sandwiches, we would also have something like fried chicken or these yummy sandwiches you pinned the other day.

I was really hoping to bake a real cake, I was thinking carrot with cream cheese frosting.  And I'm sure it would have turned out something like this

Now that we're well fed, let's move on to gifts!

Since I've proved to myself that I can sew in a straight line,
I thought Spring Chick might need a soft banner to hang over the bassinet.

( I would only dare give YOU something I've sewed- yikes!)

When you said you were thinking soft cozy lambs for Spring Chick, 
this yarn seemed perfect.  

Spring Chick's blanket is just about done.

The thing about knitting a gift, is I'm constantly thinking about the person while I'm knitting.
So know sweet friend that I said many prayers for you, Spring Chick and your family as I knitted along. 

I'll be getting these in the mail
as soon as I cast off those last stitches.
I have 8 weeks right?

I love you Alicia!
I hope you are blessed like crazy today and feel just how incredibly loved you are.
I CANNOT wait to meet Spring Chick in person.
That baby is so blessed to have you as a momma and to come home to such a loving family.
Words cannot express how happy I am for you SIX!!!


  1. oh girl...i'm so glad you are on the mend!
    this is fantastic!!!
    i could totally envision this party and i really REALLY wanted to be there!!!
    with all of you!
    your sweet handmade goodness just melts me...that blanket!
    the banner! such love tucked inside each stitch.
    what a fun day!

  2. How beautiful! What a great friend you are. :) Love the blanket and that sweet banner. I'm really thinking I need to get that banner die as I've got a picnic birthday to plan for a soon to be 1 year old and you can't have a picnic without pretty banners!

  3. I love your shower! Love that little space you just whipped up wink wink;) She is going to love your gift and your heart friend. Thanks for jumping on board. Wish it was for reals!

  4. I am absolutely DYING today!! I feel so blessed, it's beyond measure! I would do about anything to have a real live Downton Abbey shower with Granny's flowers, but this is just as sweet. Little Spring Chick is coming home from the hospital in that love wrap you're knitting. I just love that you're probably eating coffee ice cream and watching Downton while you knit...just for my sweet bundle. Love you so much, sweet friend. Thank you thank you thank blessed today.


  5. What a PRECIOUS idea for a shower!! Love Downton!! And girl, I totally love the handmade knitted idea and that you put love for this baby into every stitch. Sweetness. Happy Shower day!! :) So glad we're doing this.

  6. Amy, you have captured
    Alicia's spirit so perfectly,
    here!!! I adore D.A. and
    had the great fun of attending
    a D.A. themed costume
    party last spring ~ what
    a hoot! Love that you put
    your heart into these sweet
    gifts. I know she will treasure

    Happy Shower Day,
    xo Suzanne

  7. Oh Amy so sweet~ What a fun shower!:) I love the sweet banner you made and the food oh my that look yummy!

  8. you are so creative. so creative. i love this. and you are such a sweetie to make something so special. love ya! and yes, why can't we all be together in one big room eating cake??

  9. Wow, Amy, this is all so awesome! I am totally down with a Downton Abbey inspired baby shower theme, too, great idea. I am another Amy and of the other Baby Shower hosts, nice to meet ya. I can't wait to see that baby blanket finished and i have to say I am a bit jealous of your knitting skills. Ok-- on to the next shower, thanks for having us here!! : )

  10. Amy you are the sweetest woman on the planet! so very thoughtful in every way :)

  11. How fun for Alicia!! I am sure she felt everyone's love, indeed! Does it kind of make you wish you were having another? :-) Just remember, you can throw that party dress on, bake that darling cake and throw your hair on top of your head any time you want...I will be there to enjoy with you!