Monday, January 28, 2013

My Little Women

Lately, more than ever, 
I have been hit with the reality 
of how quickly the time with my babies is passing.

I have been trying to slow down and cherish every single moment.

I have been trying to create special moments with them

Building that love and trust

Building their confidence

I was reminded this weekend that it doesn't take much to bless their sweet little hearts.

 A little lace table cloth, rice krispy treats and 'real' tea.

 "Mommy, real tea is 'dewishious'
(yes, it would be with the amount of milk and sugar they stirred in)

Looking forward to a fun week ahead.
The girls and I will start decorating for Valentine's Day!

Hope you get a chance to create sweet moments with the ones you love.


  1. Oh friend, this is so precious! On my list to do with my sweeties very soon. They would love it! You are seriously awesome! xoxo

  2. well good morning, gorgeous!
    praying that your week is filled with His peace, grace and beauty!
    YOU are a treasure, my dear.
    thank you for being such a good example to me.
    big hugs!

  3. Hi Amy...I hopped on over from my friend Kelli's blog. I have so enjoyed reading through your beautiful blog...I will be visiting often! Have a wonderful Monday. : )

  4. i wanna have a tea party with you guys!! what little sweeties. you have me a big ol' hankerin' for rice krispie treats as well..

  5. So sweet... :)
    Such a pretty quilt, by the way!

  6. Such sweet pictures. We love to have tea parties here. We have started having a cup of tea each night before bedtime...this kids love it! Yes time just flys by and I too am trying to slow down and enjoy the little things.
    Looking forward to seeing your Valentine's Day decorations!

  7. We have a cookie jar full of rice krispie treats right now. If I pulled out the tea party set after nap I'm sure to make there day!

    Such sweet pictures! Happy decorating!

  8. you are so right... oftentimes just sitting down and playing with them fills their love tank to the brim! if only i were to take the time more often! thanks for reminding me to.

  9. Oh, this made my heart smile! I'm keeping my 3 1/2 year old Granddaughter the next couple of days while she is recovering from the flu and we may just have to have a tea party tomorrow. I love, love Valentine's, such a great day to celebrate!

  10. Oh my word...this is right out of Little House on the Prairie!! How fun for the girls! We never want them to grow up and leave the teacups behind, do we? Love those gems! Keep up the great work, Amy! xoxxo

  11. Love love love these pictures. They make me all warm and fuzzy! xo