Monday, January 7, 2013


So, did you make any resolutions?

I was chatting with my 9 year old and we had a conversation about goals and resolutions. 
I told her I don't make resolutions I make goals.
She asked what the difference was.
Since my answer  . . .

" Well honey, the word resolutions makes me feel like I've failed before I began and goals inspire me . . ."

. . .  didn't seem like an adequate answer- I looked em' up.

According to Mr. Webster . . .

resolutions  plural of res·o·lu·tion (Noun)

  1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.

goal [gohl] noun


  1. Agreed! I never thought of it that way but I made a lot of goals this year. I should write them all down to keep me focused. My goals can completely be checked off since they are on-going- like drink more water, eat more fruit and veggies, go to bed earlier (still working on that last one). Your goal journal is the sweetest! I might just have to make one too since I love a good craft project! Happy week, friend!

  2. So true!! We sat down on New Years Day and made some family goals. One of my goals is to make more fun family time....crazy dinners, last minute trips to the movies, family game nights...just fun stuff like that. I have a jar that we are going to fill this year with tickets or other things from fun stuff we did this year. It will be fun to look back on it next year and remember the fun we had. I posted about it a few posts back.
    Happy Monday!!

  3. i do love that saying. so good! and what a cute goal book. you are bound to have a wonderful year. blessings, sweet girl!

  4. i don't really do resolutions, either. :)
    i like goals much better!
    your little book is so sweet...i should do that, too!

    ps...i'm the QUEEN of getting overwhelmed and shutting down easily...ugh!

  5. Love your journal, Amy! One of my goals is going to be "Have Amy show me how she uses those wooden circular thinga-ma-jigs". :-) xoxxo

  6. o.k. so the wire basket. On my list right now. I need one. :) Lol. Can I just come shop at your house please :) .....