Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Lil' Shop At Station 8

Yesterday I shared with you the magnificent Christmas transformation at Station 8.

Here's a glimpse into my lil' shop.

I love this table.
It has a metal top!

And this dresser . . . 

 I stayed up many late nights getting this bad boy ready.

It was definitely worth it.

 That's it for now.

I still have a few fun projects to share with you.

Are you getting in the Christmas spirit?
After listening to Christmas music all week, I can't help but feel the need to replace the pumpkins with twinkly lights.

But I'll wait . . .

Until the day after Thanksgiving.

Hope you have a merry day! 


  1. in. love.

    i want that metal-topped table...like real real bad. bad.

    you are so talented with your space. love every bit!

  2. your corner would def. be my favorie ofthem all to shop in. you have an eye for design and display. I love it all. I love the little xylophone on that wonderful table which is wayyy awesome. hope you do well this coming season. How is your dauhter by the way? Will you be able to do the home sweet home tour next week????please please please ;) Have a great week. We are taking care of our daughter who has the stomach flu...poor dear. Hugs, Mica

  3. You've got good stuff girl. That table is awesome. I'd love to visit your shop.

  4. So many awesome treasures! Have I told you lately that you rock?! :)

  5. Cute! Would you box that nativity scene up for me?!? LOVE it!