Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Little Vintage Sparkle For Your Tree

It's tree trimming time!

We decorated our tree last night
and this morning I relocated the 30 ornaments Maggie put on the bottom branch.
Precious I tell you!

I made a few ornaments for my space at Station 8 and they were SO FUN to make.
I was inspired by this picture I found on, where else . . . Pinterest


Vintage book pages and glitter?
Ya can't go wrong!

So here's how I made mine.

First gather your supplies:

Oh yea baby!

 Clear ornaments
vintage pages- I used sheet music
and good ol' Mod Podge

As you can imagine, it's super simple.
Just have a hay day mod-podging those strips of sheet music until your ornament is covered.
Once covered, brush on another thin coat of 'Podge' and sprinkle with a little glitter.

Then let them hang out to dry.
I found it was best to stick a pencil inside and gather in a cup.

Here's how they turned out

These would make a great gift to the teacher in your life.  
We'll be giving one to our piano and choir teacher.

Hope you have a sparkly day!


  1. SUPER CUTE, my friend! I just made something so similar but I put it all on the inside! :) hahaha. Have a beautiful day today! Love you!

  2. Those turned out so pretty! You always do a great job! I've done them with paper on the inside, too. They made super easy gifts one year!

  3. uh, those are GORGEOUS!
    wanna have a crafting day?
    xo :)

  4. oh, you should sell those in your etsy shop. super super cute!

  5. i limited myself to one bag of cadbury and i ate it in just a few days. it's going to be a lot of saying no each time i go to target. : )

  6. These are so cute! Will they be in your wonderful etsy shop?
    Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!