Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scenes From A Lovely Long Weekend

Howdy Folks!

Hope you're all feeling rested and ready for a new week.
It's our first day of school today!
Woo hoo!

So we made sure to take advantage of the last few days of summer.
Lots of playing.
I didn't even set my alarm on Saturday . . . I know, scandalas!

We had play dates with best friends.

We cooked dinner over the fire pit.
 And dessert too of course!

I definitely spent some time getting ready for school.
Maggie was getting ready too.

 I have some fun plans for our first day of school.

 Swedish fish- YUM!

I had some time to 'play' a bit too.
I spent some time crafting

 Can't wait to share that project with you!

I took a load of goodies to Station 8

Hello happy color!

I finished my weekend in the sweetest way.

 Josh and I went on a hot date.
After a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant, 
we took my favorite ride up make-out Desert Mountain.
 I love my Land Cruiser.
We out grew it a few babies ago, but I love when we get a chance to take her out.

Oh yes. I feel relaxed.
And ready.
Hello first day of school- let's do this 'thang'!

I'm off to make a fun breakfast for my girls!

Happy first day of school to you!


  1. What a wonderful way to end Summer break! We had a great weekend, too. Lots of fun in the sun, fishing and river time! We started school again today, too. It is going to be a good year. Oh, and I can't believe you are wearing a jacket! It is going to hit 101 this week but then cool down to a chilly 90 later this week. grin

  2. Love those shoes!!! Excited to hear how your first day went!

  3. Your weekends always sound wonderful! Cute pictures of you and your hubby.
    Oh and happy first day of school!!

  4. you are such a blast!!! i love your land cruiser too...how awesome is that car??!! your weekend looks like a fun time as usual. we must catch up soon, my dearest!

  5. Okay where did you get that "Our family will...." sign? I have been looking for one like the family rules signs I see everywhere, but w/ more of a christian message....this is perfect!

    Second, where did you get that calendar and weather chart? I've been looking for some online, but mostly finding cloth ones w/ velcro...would prefer the magnets like you have!

  6. Opps, put that comment on the wrong post! I meant to comment on the first day of school post where you had those pictures, sorry!