Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Fun Fall Wreath

Howdy Folks!

I've been busy creating a few Fall crafts for my space at Station 8.

I've got a fun  wreath for you today.

First gather your materials:

 Yep! The necessities!

Then gather your craft supplies:
 wreath form
your trusty glue gun

Then wrap your wreath in the burlap

Then make your blooms of choice

 I tried to take pictures of making blooms, 
but I didn't have enough hands.
But there are a bazillion tutorials on Pinterest.

Then spend way too much time rearranging the blooms

 until they're just right.

Then she's ready to hang up!

Have you started fluffing for Fall yet?
You know, this Saturday is the first official day of Autumn!

Yeah!  Go buy some candy pumpkins!


  1. Love it! I am in a fall fluffing mood right now... just need to get over this yucky cold first.

  2. It is so hard to get the flowers arranged right, isn't it! I didn't know Saturday was the first day of fall- I better get decorating!

  3. I just bought caramel flavored candy corn today! I am in the fall mood but no fluffing yet :( I need to get on that! That wreath is sooo cute! The weather has finally cooled here a bit so it is feeling like fall :) Hugs!

  4. my favorite crafter is brings it again! awesome girl. just gorgeous!

    ps. thank you so much for your super kind words in your last comment. you encourage me.

  5. i love this so much!! i love that your have all the "essentials" before you begin. you're my kinda girl. i want to see your station 8 space!!!

  6. i love that even your scissors match. you are simply fantastic. xo