Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple and Sweet

My sweet Clara celebrated her 7TH birthday yesterday.

Even though I had tons to do to get ready for company,
I decided to devote the entire day to her.
We don't do big friend parties every year- just certain ages
so we really focus on family time in the years in between.
So it was a day to bless my Clara.

Josh had to leave early for work
but she reeeeeally wanted to get donuts with Daddy,
so she woke up early 

 We take birthday donuts seriously in our household.

The rest of her day was full of her simple requests.
Like a trip to the library

A trip to A&W

 for a root beer freeze.
Fresh painted toe nails
 and some good reading material for drying time.

A trip to Daddy's work 

for a picnic lunch.
A bit of cake decorating
 She requested a butterfly cake

 Please notice her awesome sense of symmetry.
After Josh got home it was present time 
she had been waiting for this ALL day

That sweet look on her face confirmed that I did the right thing when I paid the EXTRA shipping to get that doll here in time.

Then we headed to her favorite pizza shop with a trip to the toy store afterwards.

The local toy shop gives them a $5 off coupon for their birthday, 
so it has become a little tradition.
With her birthday money in hand 
she picked out another horse.

We finished the day with cake and ice cream

It was such a good day.
It was  a good reminder to this momma that it doesn't take much to bless my girls.
It spoke volumes to just put my agenda aside and focus on my birthday girl. 

I love you Clara Jean!
Happy Birthday!

And um . . . slow down on this whole growing up thing please!


  1. oh this is just the cutest!! i love her little dress! happy bday, clara :)

    ps: the doll made it!! yay!!

  2. Awwh...Happy Birthday to Clara! My daughter loves horses, too. You are one great momma!

    P.S Did you get a copy of the Stampin UP! holiday mini in the mail? Fun Fun!

  3. Happy birthday to sweet beautiful Clara! Cousins send their love!

  4. Can you be my mom too?? Ha! What a precious girl you have! Happy Birthday to Miss Clara from Alton, IL! What a fun sweet birthday!
    Love her cake decorating skillz too :)

  5. What a fund birthday! I think this week is a great week to have a little one had one on Wednesday!

  6. What a great day! I love that you don't do big parties every year and celebrate with family! LOVE! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!

  7. So sweet! Looks like it was a wonderful day. :)

  8. Happy Birthday sweet Clara! We miss seeing you! Glad you had such a wonderful day!!