Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rockin' The Rainy Day!

Hello Friends!
It's another soggy one in our part of the world. 

It starts to get too easy to complain about the weather.
So when the mopes start to kick in, we turn up the fun volume.
It really is quite easy to do.

First- put off the chores and have a PJ dance party!

 We know how to shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Next- grab a sheet and throw up a quick fort

It's amazing how the simplest things are more fun in a fort.

Then- because it's Wednesday and Alicia's Happy Day Project
break out all the nail polish and have have lil' toe pedicures

And lastly, you can paint on a lil sunshine with some super cheerful paint.
These are the colors I'm thinking for my laundry room.

Can we say hellooooooo happy color!

I can can choose to complain about this weather
or make the best of it and get a lot of inside projects done.

I'm off to get in my painting clothes!

Hope you have a happy day!


  1. oh, i'm painting my daughter's room today too! she's been asking for turquoise and she picked a color called peacock's pretty bold. i hope she likes it because i'm not painting it again any time soon!!

    good luck to you! can't wait to see the new laundry room!!

  2. Love the nails and the laundry room paint colors! We need a good rainy day here!

  3. You inspire me as always! Xoxo

  4. your rainy day sounds just like ours!!! we are on the 3rd one in a row now... kinda anxious for sunshine. : )

  5. Great day!! We need lots of rainy day inspiration in England!! I have just painted my dining room an almost identical yellow to the one you've chosen there and it looks gorgeous - hope yours turned out just as nice :-)

  6. LOVE the laundry colors! So cheery - and it seems like you love yourself some dance parties! You go momma! xo.

  7. Love the laundry room colors!! Looks like you had a wonderful day....

  8. Love the paint colors!
    You girls are so lucky!
    This post made me smile this morning! I hope your weather starts obeying soon ;)

  9. you are just the coolest, funnest thing ever!! love you, ames :)

  10. Rainy days like that are fabulous!!!

  11. Such a great blog!!! I love it!

    Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

    Lots of love,