Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They Had Me At Hello

I found a few treasures recently.

We'll start with a little rusty metal number.
Rusty metal and me- surprise surprise!

 I originally bought this guy to display blooms.

 But then I realized he would be a super fun way 
to store all my ribbon

and keep it organized!
Now I just need a craft room to display him properly.
But I think I'll wait to mention that to my husband . . .

Then I spotted this lil' lady.

 Will you look at those feet!
With all her wheels!
And the sweetest little foot peddle!

 I originally bought her to resell,
but oh she's so cute!
And the girls gave her a name . . .

 Meet Miss Booby!

Oh dear . . . 
I know!
I really did try to bite my lip and not smile . . .
but the giggles won me over!
So Miss Booby it is!
Wouldn't she be a fun way to display 
all my jewelry and blooms? 

Then there are these 2 sweet numbers.

He had me at aqua.

 This sheet

is perfect cheestastic vintage fabric.
I may attempt to SEW a little curtain for my kitchen.

Have I ever told you how thankful I am that I get to 
shop for fun vintage treasures 
because of my little space at Station 8?
I got a good gig goen'.

Now I just need to stop falling in love 
with everything I bring home! 

Hope you have a splendid day 
filled with little things that make you smile!


  1. Great finds! 'Miss Booby' is just too cute!! Wonderful that your girls love your vintage too!!

  2. Love it all! I wish I knew how to find some good places to go junkin' around here. I have a favorite flea market but it is 1 hour 30 min drive so I don't get to go monthly like I'd like. I need somewhere local!

    I have wanted a Miss Booby for a while now.... someday I'll find the perfect one!

  3. So I am ridiculously jealous of Miss Booby! What a find! Is that your classroom in the background??

  4. i love all of your finds!
    i recently found a dress form for $18!
    I have bought and sold several, but she is staying with me this time! ;)
    Have a wonderful day, sweetie.

  5. Love that dress form! The clock is awesome! Have a great day!

  6. Oh my dear Amy! Too sweet with your aqua radio, sigh....And that Miss Booby is one fine lookin WOMAN!
    You find the best stuff and Station 8 loves you!

  7. Love your treasures! Miss booby- lol! Too funny!

  8. Love your new header! You do have a great thing goin'! Love all the treasures you found!

  9. i have a dress form too. and i love it!! her name is daphne...a bit less scandelous than yours i'd say ;) and i LOVE that metal thingy with your ribbon. you could totally use that thing all over...coffee mugs, scissors and other supplies, photo display, necklaces...endless, i tell ya!!

  10. Haha! So cute! I say it would be bad business if you just got these things and put them right to the store. You need to test them out first, right?

  11. I have got to get my cousin reading blogs. She would love your treasures!!

  12. Love your new finds. I'm new to your blog and I must say, FUN, FUN, FUN!

  13. miss booby! what an aptly named gal. so funny! all of your treasures are just that- treasures!!! i'm not jealous at all. : )

  14. You do have a GOOD thing going on over there at "Station 8". Love all your finds, especially miss booby...omg...too funny!!!! LOL

  15. If you sew, dress forms are so handy!

  16. i'm dying for a dress form...you are so lucky! and miss booby is super cute. i love it!

    and now i'm your latest follower!! ;-)