Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spiffin' Up My Space at Station 8

A week ago we did a little rearranging at the shop and I moved to a new location.
I love my new spot!
It was so fun moving everything around and giving items a fresh look.
With Valentine's Day around the corner, I added a few fun crafty goodies to make it 'lovey dovey'.
Plus I love any excuse to add more red to any space!

 See that fun cubbie in all its awesome  rusty metalness?
Josh had a great idea to use it as a wine rack.
My shop neighbor, and dear friend, Rachel 
thought it would be cute in a bathroom with towels rolled up.
So many possibilities . . .

 I love making fun banners for every season.
I think I need to make one of these for my house.

 I've noticed that while I'm out junking,
I seem to be drawn to metal things.
I'm kinda hoping those bar stools don't sell.
They would look great in my soon-to-be 
face-lifted kitchen.
And those red-rimmed pyrex dishes,
they make me smile.

I spy a goofy girl.

Well, that's how it's lookin' for now. 

Have I mentioned how blessed I feel to have this little space?
I am so thankful for the amazing people I've met and grown closer to because of my favorite store.
If you live near by, you really should come check out the ever-inspiring Shops at Station 8.
In fact, Colette and Rachel are on a fun buying trip right now filling up their trailer with vintage goodness!
I may lallygag in the parking lot and wait for them to come home.
Can't wait to see what they scored!


  1. The Shops at Station 8 looks so fun! Wish I could visit!

  2. I wish I could come shop in your cute space!!!

    Happy Tuesday, friend!

  3. i am so behind in my blog reading!! sorry...but i DO LOVE your space!! everytime you post about this, i wish i lived closer!!

  4. Super cute shop! I have always wanted to open a booth in an antique shop. We have tons were I live here in Alton, IL. Your girls are adorable! I am over from Alicias blog. Have a great day

  5. I love your shop space! I wish I could vitit it in person!


  6. I do wish I lived closer! I see lots of stuff that I would scoop up for my own home! You have such a great eye and a real knack for displaying things beautifully!

  7. I want that red sign box! Any chance you can send me photos of the other sides? I'm a sign make and would love that in my gallery. Is it $65?