Monday, November 14, 2011

Scenes From The Craft-O-Rama Weekend

Hello Friends!
I survived my craft fair weekend!
Woo hoo!
It was a long weekend, 
but God blessed it in so many ways.
I had a blast hanging out with my best bud ALL weekend.
We laughed and talked so much,
Lish lost her voice!
We're already scheming up plans for something bigger and better for next year.
(but I think I'll wait and tell my hubbie about it in a few months)

So here are a few pics to show you where I lived this weekend.

 Here's what it looked like before we added some pizazz.

 And after we added our sparkle.

 Alisha makes the most beautiful cards.
You must check out her blog and web cite
She is always having classes to teach how to make AMAZING things with Stampin' Up products.
Everything I create is made with a Stampin' Up tool.
Just sayin . . . .

  Lots of BLOOMS!

 These lovely ladies relieved Lish and I for a few hours 
so we could take a breather and get some lunch.
Aren't they beautiful?
My adopted sisters!
Thank you Rachel and Emily!

And thank you Alisha for a super fun weekend.
I wouldn't do this with any other person.
Looking forward to making all our dreams and schemes happen.
Love you girl!

So now it's catch up time.
Looking forward to a week of getting life back on track and focusing on my family.
Josh and I have  a hot date tonight.

Hope ya'll have a marvelous Monday!

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  1. SOOO proud of you! i totally want to do a show...bad!! i was thinking about you this weekend...couldn't remember if this was THE weekend or not. glad you're done you can relax ;)