Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dot Art

The girls and I attempted a new way to paint yesterday.
I think it has a real name,
like pointillism, or something like that,
but we call it dot art.

It was a very simple and fun project for the girls.
(there's that theme again with my art projects- 
simple and fun)

We first lightly drew a Fall theme with pencil.
Then grabbed a bunch of old pencils, paint 
and paper plates 
and went at it.

Once they were on their way,
I took advantage of this time consuming masterpiece
to fold some laundry.
When I walked in to check the progress
(and to make sure paint was on paper and no where else)
I found 4 sweet girls rockin' out to Veggie Tales
teaching their baby sister how to do 'air guitar'.

 Life lessons are so important.
Every girl needs to know how to properly execute 
'air guitar.'

And they did eventually finish their masterpieces.

Have a rockin' day my friends!


  1. lol!! that crazy fun little girlies you have :)

  2. Loved this! It brought a smile to my face and I now have a new idea for an art project with my kiddos! Thanks!