Monday, October 24, 2011

Scenes From A Sweet Weekend

Happy Monday Morning!
Are you ready for the week?
I'm not at all,
but ready to wing it!

We had a splendid weekend. 
It started out with a little sugar overload.

 We made Fall sugar cookies!

This is a seasonal tradition for us.
We make them for just about every season.

I've been having a cookie with my coffee every morning.
Maybe I shouldn't do that . . .

The weather was beautiful.
Perfect Fall weather.
So we spent quite a bit of time in the back yard.

We finished the weekend with a movie night.

Sweet memories with my sweet girls.

Have a magnificent Monday!


  1. Hi Amy! Those cookies looked just a little TOO good. Your girls are precious. Blessed indeed...yes you are:)

  2. awww. you got a comment from ms. becky. i just love her :) anywho, i love sugar cookies, but you read my post today. it's a no go for me right now. (be strong, alicia, be strong) also. i love that you make REAL popcorn. no fake microwave stuff for us either. :)

  3. Now I want to do them...we can't eat them..but we can make 'em...your cookies are look so fun. Your swap package should be there any day now...hugs,Mica

  4. Your girlies are so darling!!! My you have your hands full, keeping them busy and engaged. Love seeing how you accomplish that, you're a great mom btw! The cookies are so festive and pretty, great job to all the little bakers!! :)