Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

Do you feel it? 
Doesn't the air feel different?
Don't ya love it?
Welcome Fall!
I love everything about you!

We had a very rainy and cozy Monday.

 We had our first fire of the season

First cups of hot cocoa

  First pot of chicken noodle

Does any one else feel like you're getting in touch with your inner 'Ma' from Little House on the Prairie when you take the meat off a whole chicken? 
Just wondering . . .

I'm loving this gradual change in seasons.
I'm getting excited to fix big pots of comfort food, watch football on Sundays (and Mondays) and wear cozy sweaters.

Another change in our household:

I only have 26 more diapers for Maggie.
Then I have to potty train.
Not ready for that.  Nope not yet.
Sigh . . . 
 My baby's getting bigger.
Anyways . . .

It's gonna be a great day!
Enjoy it!


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  2. oops
    i misspelled a word in that former comment

    i meant to say
    your monday and my monday were quite similar

    we both built the first wood stove fires
    of the season

    drank our warm cocoa and
    i made a huge pot of chicken veggie soup

    yum for autumn!


  3. ugh...can you come cook for me!?! everything looks so fallish and cozy. and is she not potty trained yet? my kids were potty trained when they were 3 months old!..................totally kidding, but don't you hate when other moms say that kind of stuff? :)