Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Did you have a nice weekend?
We sure did!
We went camping with some fun friends.
It was splendid!

Lots of playing in the water.

See the moose in the background?

Josh got a kayak for his birthday.
It added another element of fun to our trip.
He took the girls out with him first,
and then off they went!

Seeing the girls in the kayak 
paddling away 
was the highlight of my trip.

We hiked

and fished

and ate lots of yummy food

 Please notice the ginormous marshmallow!

 The extra large marshmallows seem like a good idea.
But trust me,
it's a sticky disaster!

 Please notice marshmallow on pants.

But camping is all about getting dirty right?

This picture doesn't even begin to show just how dirty my lil' munchin' got!
She most definitely had a baby wipe bath that night!
Love it!

It was a WONDERFUL weekend!

I'm off to make the MOST of the last few days of summer!
Hope you are too!

Have a splendid day!!

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