Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Summer!

Now that I have a few things checked off my 'to do' list, 
I feel like I can reeeally relax and enjoy SUMMER.
It's still not acting like summer in my neck of the woods,
but we had 2 sunny days in a row
and I took full advantage.
The girls and I headed to the local nursery.
I'm a girl who gets overwhelmed easily.  
So for this trip I just focused on annuals for the pots.
Kaitlyn was a great little helper.
She planted quite a few pots all by herself.
I think I have a future gardener.
She said "Mommy, don't ya just love the smell of fresh dirt?"
Yes honey I do, very much so.

I am trying to feel content with the weather.
But it's a wee bit difficult.
I don't have my veggies in yet.
I think I'm going to have to use a little help from the Farmer's Market 
and buy starter plants.
We have a very short growing season.
I can't wait for the next dry day 
so I can finish planting annuals and hit the veggies. 
How's your garden coming along?

Hope you're enjoying a sunny summer day!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness Amy, so glad you replied. I've just added you to my blog roll. I will enjoy following your blog. And btw, welcome to blogdom!!! It's a blast, I LOVE it, have met so many wonderful people.

    Yes, my husband and I moved (full time) last June to the Burg. We've been in transition for 7 years trying to get here. We LOVE it, building a house, moved in last October, still working on the inside, but it's livable.. Not sure where your at, I'll have to look at a map.

    I work in a wonderful eclectic shop here in town, maybe you've been here, it's called, "Wild Rose Deign Company", we're bewteen the Flint Creek Fly shop and the Daily Grind coffee shop. If you come this summer be sure and stop in and meet me!!! :)

    Still looking at photos from the Farm Chicks weekend...wish I would of shopped on Sunday too. Next year for sure. I'll be posting my "Finds" soon and about the Davenport on my next post. Stay tuned.

    Loving your flowers and's been raining sideways here for 3 days. Boo!