Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a special post dedicated to my amazing Mom.  

My Mom came to my rescue for each birth of my babies.

Let's just say I'm not the most pleasant person when I'm sleep deprived. 
She put up with me and loved me through the crazy first days of newbie babies.

She is absolutely the funnest Nana.
(please note the ball still on the tee- it was a big whif! :) )

On the spur of a moment she'll take a run- even if it's pouring rain- just to show her Montana grandbaby the ocean.

 She's the BEST back scratcher.
 She always reads us a ton of books- she's really good at making the voices of the characters.
She loves music and has the grooviest dance moves.

She is the funnest Nana- tea parties and all!

I am so blessed by my Mom.
I don't tell her nearly enough how much I love and appreciate her.
I am the goofy girl I am because of my amazing mom.
I love you Mom . . . .
Happy Mother's Day!
I love YOU more!
Your present is going to be late . . . again!

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